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Peek a Box


Benefits: Strengthens object permanence development and language learning.

Its name comes from the traditional game “Peekaboo” in which babies play with their parents, who sometimes shows them their face and sometimes hides behind their hands.

It helps develop language, sight, and attention, as well as an understanding of the groups of elements, cards, sizes, and spaces that will influence their future understanding of mathematics.

Age recommendation: 8 months +

Bingo Box


Benefits: Promotes pattern recognition skills, memory, and language.

In this interactive game based on pattern recognition, children also promote linguistic development, linked to a better understanding of their environment. Remember that children who identify visual patterns will understand grammar better when they start school.

Age recommendation: 2-4 years.

Alpha Box


Benefits: Helps children discover the extraordinary world of the alphabet.

With this game, children learn the vowels, which is reinforced with activities involving sentence completion or repeating the names of animals in English. They also strengthen their linguistic development by listening to sounds. Over time, this helps them to develop an understanding of reading.

Age recommendation: 3-5 years.

Alex in the Box

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